Design Support

Design Support

Power Integrations offers a number of resources to support your off-line power supply design and engineering. Use the information below to jumpstart your design.

Product Documents

Product Documents include: data sheets, product selector guides, application notes, and lead-free product information.

Reference Designs

RDKs include a working prototype, sample devices, unpoplulated pcb, data sheet, comprehensive engineering report, PI Expert design software, and other documentation.

Application Notes

Our Application Notes are generic documents covering issues related to designing Power Integrations products into various applications.

PI Samples Express

The Power Integrations Samples Store is specifically intended to provide product samples in the quickest possible manner.

Design Examples

Our Design Examples section contains documents describing power supply circuits designed, built, and tested by Power Integrations' application engineers using our power conversion ICs.

Design Example Reports (DER)
Design Example Reports contain a power supply design specification, schematic, bill of materials, transformer documentation, and pcb layout. This design has been built and bench-tested to provide performance data and typical operation characteristics.


Power Integrations provides numerous types of material and tools to assist in the process of creating power supplies.  These include reference designs (with circuit schematics, board layouts, magnetics construction and characterization data), design tools, design software, applications guidelines, and other items to assist customers with design, evaluation and production.  PI’s worldwide field application engineers also collaborate closely with end customers to develop and engineer new leading-edge products.  Through the community forums and design support pages on our website, PI offers design tools, design and design engineering services, and technical advice in the field of integrated circuits and power electronics.  Visit our forums at  to get help with your design and engineering needs for these families of PI products: CAPZero™, ChiPhy™, DPA-Switch™, Hiper™, InnoSwitch™, LinkSwitch™, LinkZero™, Qspeed™, SENZero™, TinySwitch™, and TOPSwitch™.