BridgeSwitch Wins Best in Show at Embedded World

March 13th, 2019

Power Integrations’ BridgeSwitch™ family of motor drive ICs just received the Best in Show Award at Embedded World 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany!

BridgeSwitch employs high- and low-side advanced FREDFETs (Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode Field Effect Transistors) with integrated lossless current sensing. Combined with its distributed thermal footprint, this eliminates the need for heatsinks, saving precious energy and space in a brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive system.

The newest reference design from PI (DER-749) showcases the optimal thermal performance and design simplicity by BridgeSwitch in a 40 W 3-phase inverter with hall sensor-based sinusoidal control scheme for a high-voltage BLDC motor in fan applications.

The low-component-count circuit board fits neatly inside a fan motor. This design offers a complete solution with high efficiency and low audible noise for fan applications including AC indoor/outdoor units, floor standing fans and ceiling fans.

Download the reference design report now:

  • DER-749 - 40 W 3-Phase Inverter for Fan Applications Using BridgeSwitch Motor Driver and LinkSwitch-TN2 in sinusoidal control scheme (310 VDC input; 0.2 A motor RMS current; 1500 RPM for 8-pole brushless DC motors)
  • Visit the BridgeSwitch product family page and view the Data Sheet
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