New BridgeSwitch Applications Note Breaks Down PCB Configuration for 3-Phase Inverters(New!)

November 23rd, 2020

A new application note, AN-91 - BridgeSwitch PCB Configuration for 3-Phase Inverters, compares the thermal performance of the triangular PCB configuration to the slotted linear PCB configuration with regards to case temperature rise above ambient temperature and temperature variations between adjacent BridgeSwitch devices using BridgeSwitch reference design boards.

Power Integrations 公佈第三季財務報告(New!)

October 29th, 2020

Power Integrations於今日公佈截至2020年9月30日的季財務報告。第三季淨營收為1億2110萬美元,較上一季增長13%,較2019年同期增長6%。