Bridgeswitch 故障狀態通訊介面代碼庫

This archive contains a code library and application programming interface (API) for an exemplary implementation of the BridgeSwitch IC FAULT communication interface using a Cypress PSoC microcontroller. It includes a PSoC Creator IDE version 4.1 project file, C++ code examples to support the API, and documentation on the available functionality.

Direct Use of Bridgeswitch Current Sense Signal Output in Field Oriented Control of Brushless DC Motors

High performance motor drives commonly use field-oriented control (FOC) since it offers smooth and efficient operation throughout the entire speed range. BridgeSwitch offers a unique function by providing a small signal output that is an instantaneous representation of the positive phase current. This function can eliminate commonly used discrete current sense resistors and associated amplifiers, thereby reducing cost and design complexity.

藉助 BridgeSwitch 基於硬體的馬達故障保護,簡化產品安全認證

家用電器只要裝有馬達,就必須符合國際安全標準規定的特定要求。BridgeSwitch 的整合式半橋架構採用一套故障保護和備援措施,提供獨特的低壓側和高壓側週期性限電流保護。這可讓 BridgeSwitch 當作保護裝置,在發生異常運作狀況時保護馬達,而不必依靠軟體來控制故障狀況。由於不必依賴控制軟體來保護馬達,因此能夠大幅簡化並縮短安全合規性流程。